Start Your Own Group


This page is all about starting your own savings group. 

Anyone can use this information, but it was written mostly for people in the US.  

Here's what you'll find here:

  1. A manual called Start Your Own Group. You can download it by clicking here.  Only eight pages long, it takes you through all the steps from thinking about starting a savings group, to getting organized, and all the way to your final meeting at the end of the first year. 
  2. A sample constitution. Every group should have a written set of rules for how they will manage themselves. Click here to find an example that you can modify as you wish.
  3. A bookkeeping guide. Keeping accurate financial records is super important. There is no one right way to do it, so this guide shows you some examples that you can use as is, or modify. 
  4. Finally, you might want a coach, someone who has been a savings group member, and is willing to spend some time answering questions for you by phone or email. If you are interested in having a coach, click here. Coaches volunteer their time, and after you start your own group successfully, you might want to be added to the coaches list so you can pay it forward.

Finally, please feel free to stay in touch as you move forward. Savings group members form a big community, and learn from each other. Savings Revolution will pass on information when we can, and as you wish.