Start Your Own Group


This site, Savings Revolution, is mostly intended for people who work in the Community Managed Finance Industry. That is, there are a number of big organizations that have spread basic ideas around the world, and generally they have done a good job. These are generally non-profits - CARE, World Vision, Aga Khan Foundation, Plan International, World Relief, and dozens and dozens of others, many of them local organizations that do most of the hard work of reaching out to people, informing and organizing them.

But in parallel, people get together spontaneously to start and run their own financial groups. Sometimes they borrow ideas from the non-profits, often with lots of adaptation - and sometimes they simply make things up using their own creativity.

There is a new site now for people who start their own groups, mostly designed by the same person - Paul Rippey - who edits Savings Revolution. It's called Start Your Savings Group dot com. In as few words as possible, it give people the information they need to draw on what has been learned by all the thousands of groups that have been formed. And people can ask for a coach! 

Please check it out!