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This website exists to help people come together in groups so they can support each other in reaching their goals in life through regular saving. We focus on Savings Groups - 15-30 people who manage their groups according to certain principles that are being propagated by international organizations - but there are many other forms of community led finance; they are welcome here too, they just don't have as much documentation.

Savings Groups (SGs) raise their own money through saving, and the members manage themselves. In these respects, they differ from micro-credit, in which an institution lends to people who become paying customers of the institution. Most SG members are rural people without banking services, but there are many many exceptions. If you want to know more about Savings Groups, please check out Savings Groups: What are they

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At the heart of Savings Revolution is its blog, where contributors can share what's on their mind, and hear what other people think. (Would you like to contribute your ideas? Good! Drop us a line.) But there's much more:

You will find the manuals that will show you how to form Savings Groups. We share what we know about how to protect members from things that go wrong. We will help you discover some of the leading research on Savings Groups and their impact. In fact, if you want to go deeper, we have lots more about Savings Groups.

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This site was founded as a labor of love by Paul Rippey and Kim Wilson in 2009. The unsigned articles here are by Paul. 


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