The Savings Group Tiger and the Banking Shark

The Savings Group Tiger and the Banking Shark

Tiger and Shark are both convinced they are the Most Strongest of All Animals.

Crab tells Tiger that he overheard Shark bragging about how he could beat anyone! Outraged, Tiger runs down to the beach, and bellows to Shark that he is ready to fight to show the world who really is the Most Strongest. 

Shark says, “Bring it on! I’m ready to fight. I’m the Most Strongest and I’ll prove it!”


There is a long pause. Nothing happens. Awkward!


Finally, Shark says, “I’m waiting.”


Tiger says, “You’re waiting?! I’m the one who is waiting. Come up here on the beach so we can fight!”


Shark says, “On the beach? You’re crazy. That would be so unfair. Come out here in the water and let’s fight!”


Tiger says, “Are you nuts? Who fights in the water?! Come up here on the sand and fight like a real Tiger!”

And they continue arguing until the sun sets.


•  •  •


That’s a bit like the two camps that have developed in the Savings Group field, the Linkers and the Traditionalists. Both want to prove they are the bestest at serving poor people: 


Banking Shark says, “I’ll show you which approach is the most effective! I use savings groups to bring people into banks, so they can have checking accounts, a chance at long term loans, guaranteed savings and a digital identity!” 


SG Tiger says, “Banks? So they can pay fees to strangers for unflexible expensive services?? No way! I show people how to manage their own money, with great convenience and flexibility.” 


Banking Shark says, “Why would you want to do that? Use professionals, like me!” SG Tiger responds, “How out of touch are you? Don’t you know that bankers get rich while poor people stay poor? Look at the world financial crisis!” Banking Shark: “Out of touch? Me?” SG Tiger: “Help the poor? You?”


And they go back and forth like that, until the sun sets or the planet heats.

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