Waiting for Rain and Returns

Written in 2010, “Waiting for Rain, Reaching for Mangoes,” a paper on savings groups in rural Swaziland is filled with surprises. While the sample size of four groups cannot represent practices across that country, it does present practices worthy of our own reflection. To undertake the study author Julie Zollmann returned to her Peace Corps country to visit four chiefdoms. There, she uncovered group activities that many veterans may find puzzling.
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Haiti - Saving Despite Crisis

January 12, 2010 was an unforgettable day for the members of the Brave Warriors (Konbatan Vayant), a savings group based in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Members lost their homes, businesses and loved-ones to the Goudou Goudou, the earthquake that tore through their city. Despite the devastation, this group continues to meet every week in its host church, Paroisse Sainte Claire.

I first met the Brave Warriors in July of 2009, and was struck by how inspired their reasons were for joining back when it was forming in 2007. I recall one remark in particular: “I joined the group to reduce headaches!

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