Savings Revolution started in 2010 through conversations between Kim Wilson and Paul Rippey. They realized there was no forum where all practitioners of savings groups could get together and exchange ideas. They launched the site as a blog in January 2011.

Since then, the site has grown and evolved. We have had nearly 400 posts from more than 40 bloggers, including many of the experts in the savings group sector. We added podcasts, videos and photos, and a document library.

In January-February 2016, we redesigned the site, making it mobile-friendly and more attractive. We want to maintain a good level of curation so that if you visit the site, you can be sure that what you are seeing is current, and the best information we can put our hands on. We also intend to keep expanding the horizon beyond traditional savings groups, to include other forms of community-managed financial groups. 

Savings Revolution is unincorporated and quite non-profit. Everything is protected under a Creative Commons Copyright: Use our stuff non-commercially, and please give us credit.

Thanks to Jeff Ashe and his article The Savings Led Revolution for inspiring the name of the site. We both have worked in top-down microcredit, and we both think that community-based savings-led microfinance is, well, revolutionary.



We are honored to present here a list of the very distinguished people who have blogged on this site:

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